How Reward Me Now Works

Ready to save money every time you shop? When you’re a member of Reward Me Now, you always have that smug ‘I just bagged a bargain’ feeling - you won’t find these discounts anywhere else! Our discounted eGift Cards make saving money super easy. Here’s how to use them!

eGift Cards

Purchase all the things you want, just pay less for them! Getting a Reward Me Now eGift Card is like buying a discounted gift voucher for your favourite store - genius, right? eGift Cards can save you up to 18% on everything from food, to fashion, to even your next holiday! There are over 100 brands to choose from, and you can pay using eGift Cards at selected retailers both online and in-store. They take just seconds to buy in the app, so you could even grab your exclusive discount while you’re at the checkout!

How to buy an eGift Card

How It Works Step 1

Step One

Simply open the app and search for your desired retailer in the ‘Brands’ section. We’ve even sorted them into handy categories like Breaks & Holidays, Fashion, Gifts & Gadgets and Food & Drink.

How It Works Step 2

Step Two

Once you’ve chosen a brand, select your payment method and enter the amount you want to spend. You can use the ‘+’ and ‘-’ to do so, or you can type in the exact amount you need. Some retailers only sell eGift Cards at fixed denominations, so please see the individual brands for more information.

How It Works Step 3

Step Three

You will see that your discount is applied instantly, and is taken off the amount you pay for your eGift Card. It’s like buying a gift voucher, but you’re paying less for it and still getting the full value!

How It Works Step 4

Step Four

Click ‘Buy Now’ to complete your purchase, and then your eGift Card will appear in the ‘My Codes’ section of the app - just click ‘Redeem Now’ to access it.

Online Checkout

In the payment section of the checkout, look for a ‘pay with gift voucher’ option. The retailer’s website will ask you for the long code number and PIN that you can find on your eGift Code. Click here for a video tutorial.

In-store Checkout

When checking out in store, simply tell the cashier you wish to pay with a gift voucher. Load your eGift Code in the ‘My Codes’ section of the Reward Me Now app, and they will either scan the barcode/QR code on your eGift Code, or enter the long code number and PIN through the till. Click here for a video tutorial.