Always pay the lowest price for the things you buy! Being a member of Reward Me Now is like unlocking an exclusive sale at all of your favourite brands. With exclusive discounts, shopping hacks, and speedy savings, our members are the cream of the money-saving crop. Ready to start saving?

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Save money every single time you shop

Reward Me Now gives you access to hundreds of exclusive discounts - from fashion, to food, and everything in between.

How It Works Step 1

Discounts of up to 18% at over 100 brands* - online and in-store

Saving money has never been so simple! Our members have access to the Reward Me Now app, where you can shop your favourite brands, buy discounted eGift Cards* and track your savings. Whether you're a high street shopper, or prefer the comfort of your sofa, there are loads of ways to save both online and in-store with discounts that are just for you.

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Stackable discounts

Multiple discounts at once? Yes, please. Even if you’re buying a reduced item, you can still save on top of that sale price when you’re a member of Reward Me Now. You’ll be humble-bragging about your bargains in no time.

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Get your savings in seconds

It’s faster to buy one of our discounted eGift Cards than it is to get your purse out of your bag at the till! So many great savings are only seconds away.

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Savings tracking made easy

Our Reward Me Now app includes bespoke features like the Dashboard, which lets you see how much money you’ve saved, and the brands where you’ve made those savings too. You can even see a monthly breakdown of your saving habits, and a forecast of how much you’ll have saved by the end of the year.

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Join the community

There’s even an exclusive hub for our members! The Reward Me Now Community on Facebook is the best place to trade tips, get advice, and shout about your brilliant bargains. Be the first to hear about new merchants and boosted discounts, and get hand picked offers from our team.